We will have the highest expectations of students both academically and in terms of their conduct. We will uphold these high standards with love and care. Student behaviour must be impeccable, so teachers can teach effectively and with energy. A rigorous curriculum full of cultural capital will ensure all children can achieve their full academic potential. All adults will expect all children to be able to achieve top grades in external examinations, regardless of their starting points, and will work “smart” and efficiently to ensure they do. Along with academic success, Soane pupils will become kind individuals, who wish to improve the world around them, and who take full responsibility for their choices, recognising that only their choices can change their futures. Our school’s vision is founded on Ark’s six pillars, outlined below.


1. Strong discipline

Explicit teaching of routines, with staff consistency, ensures strong student buy-in and develops student habits to create a calm, purposeful school.


2. Rigorous academic curriculum

A curriculum full of cultural capital, thoughtful planning and frequent assessment enables exceptional academic achievement.


3. High quality teaching

Teachers are subject experts who plan rigorously, believe in the limitless potential of every child, and deliver engaging and energetic lessons to enthuse students.


4. Character development 

A programme of teaching and revisiting routines, along with ethos messages and narration of purpose, develops habits for students’ long-term success.


5. Raising aspirations and enrichment

Students know a range of aspirational options for their future and what they need to do to get there.


6. Developing educational leaders

Weekly coaching, collaborative planning, high quality teacher training and self-directed CPD enthuses teachers to want to improve and commit to teaching for the long term.