Dear Parent,

The students did us proud last week by demonstrating that hard work wins – working throughout assessment week, including through two days of school closure, to achieve their best.

Despite not all being able to eat together we continue to preserve our family dining tradition – of a common topic of conversation, serving and clearing up after each other and expressing our appreciation for friends and teachers within the school community. On Tuesday, in celebration of National Pi Day, students had to grapple with a maths problem over lunch. Can you do it? (Answer at the end of the email)

Today is Pi Day so we have a maths problem for you.

On Monday Bob read quarter of his book.

On Tuesday he read a third of the remaining pages.

On Wednesday he read a half of what was left.

On Thursday he read the final 13 pages.

How long was the book?

We have a very busy week ahead with both Exhibition Evening on Tuesday and Exploration Day on Thursday to look forward to. I hope to see many of you on Tuesday.

  1. 2023: We wish Mubarak to all members of our community who are observing it. If your child is fasting then please ensure, where possible, that they eat a substantial meal and hydrate well before dawn.

Ark Soane Communal Iftar: Please join us, if you are available, next Tuesday 28th March at 7:30pm to come together as a community of all faiths and none to break the fast at Soane. We still have a small number of tickets available. Please book using this form. Tickets are free to Soane students and their families. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

After School Clubs: Students who have signed up to after-school clubs are expected to make their way to Soane at the end of the day to attend. If you would like to check their attendance to clubs on a particular day, this can be found on MCAS.

Exhibition Evening: We are very excited to be hosting our termly Exhibition Evening on Tuesday 21st March. This will be a wonderful celebration of students’ work in extra-curricular activities including music, dance, and drama performances. The evening will run from 17:00-18:15 at the main Ark Soane site, with performances beginning from 17:15. We look forward to seeing you there.

  1. note from Soane Parents’ Association: SP will be present at the Exhibition Evening on Tuesday 21st March in the school library with some refreshments and information about the association and how you can get involved. SPA’s first goal is to try and add to the school library so the students have a greater array of books to choose from. We will have book donation boxes where you can bring and drop off appropriate books. Books should be appropriate for the ages of 11+ and into adulthood by the time school is complete. Please look through your bookshelves at home and help us build the library with anything you no longer need. Alternatively, money donations towards book purchases will be accepted at the SPA stand, but please pop by with or without a donation, to say hi or offer some of your time for the next event. Any questions – please contact

Exploration Day: On Thursday we are delighted to be taking students out to a cultural attraction on Thursday but urgently need more parent volunteers to assist if you are available. Students should attend school as normal – in their full school uniform and with a reading book for the journey. Packed lunches will be provided.

Y Augustus, 7 Cicero – British Museum

7 Cleopatra, 7 Ramses – Museum of London, Docklands

7 Alexander, 7 Pericles – Science Museum

8 Augustus, 8 Cicero – Natural History Museum

8 Cleopatra, 8 Ramses – Tate Modern

8 Alexander, 8 Pericles – Tower of London

Thank you to all parents and carers who have offered to support on the day. A reminder we will need you from 9AM-3PM at Ark Acton Sixth Form. If your child is in 8 Cleopatra, 8 Ramesses, 8 Alexander, or 8 Pericles, and you are able to support on the day, we are still accepting parent volunteer offers for these trips. Please complete this form and we will be in touch if you can help.

Football fixture: We are excited to host to a school football fixture on the 24th of March at Gunnersbury Sports Hub at 3:45pm. The Year 7 and Year 8 boys will face Chiswick School in two separate matches. We would be thrilled for parents to attend and cheer the school on.

Lunchtime leaders: We are delighted to welcome external speakers to come and talk to our students during family dining. If you (or anyone you know) are interested in coming to school to speak with students about your career, please complete this form.

Lost property: Please ensure that all items of clothing and equipment are labelled.

Contact us:

If you need face-to-face assistance from school staff then please come to the Soane Office between 3 and 5pm Monday-Thursday or between 2 and 4pm on Friday. So that we can deal with email enquiries promptly please see the school email addresses below:

I hope you enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

Kind regards,


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