All Ark Soane students will be issued with a ‘100% book’, which contains all of the core knowledge that they will need to master in each of their subjects. Students will use these to help with their homework, or when revising independently for exams.


Students can revise by using a look, cover, write, check strategy as follows:


  1. Students cover the definition of the key term, event or vocabulary that they are revising.
  2. They write down the definition from memory.
  3. They then check what they wrote against the answer and add any corrections in green pen.
  4. Next time they revise, they can focus on what they wrote in green so that they know what they need to revise most.
   Year 7 Autumn 1 Year 7 Autumn 1

Year 7 Autumn 2

Year 7 Autumn 2


Year 7 Spring 1


Year 7 Spring 2


Year 7 Summer 1


Year 7 Summer 2


Year 8 Autumn 1

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