Welcome to Ark Soane

Welcome to Ark Soane Academy, a new, non-selective secondary school opening in Acton in September 2021. Ark Soane, like all Ark schools is formed around six core ideas: excellent behaviour, a curriculum that enables student mastery of learning so all students can achieve exceptional results, high quality teaching, development of student character and forming strong habits, raising student aspirations so they seek to achieve to their fullest potential, and developing our teachers to become leaders in education.

Ark Soane Academy will be a school where children are supported by dedicated, caring adults to fulfil their potential. A challenging curriculum, well taught, with teachers who know students’ individual strengths and areas for development, will ensure children leave Soane qualified to enter the best universities, or pursue their careers of choice.

We believe in the limitless potential of children, and their power to shape their futures. Our curriculum will provide a solid foundation to develop students’ knowledge and provoke their curiosity and interest in further study. A programme of enrichment built into our longer school day will enable all pupils to broaden their horizons and discover their passions.

The learning environment at Ark Soane Academy will be calm and purposeful; a place where pupils develop habits for success and become kind, caring individuals who are self-motivated, driven to excel, and keen to help others succeed. We will expect all pupils to work hard and behave impeccably to maximise their time for learning.

Our founding cohort of 180 year 7 students will benefit from being the only year group in our first year, and have the opportunity to build something unique and lasting in Ealing. If the idea of a school with high standards of behaviour and a challenging academic curriculum to enable all students to excel appeals to you, please come along to our open events to find out more.

Peter Haylock

Executive Principal of Ark Soane Academy

Introduction to Ark Soane