Uniform at Ark Soane


All Ark Soane students wear full school uniform. Our uniform reflects our values and reinforces our academy’s culture of high expectations, pride in our appearance and academic achievement. It is one way in which we identify ourselves as an academy community and it promotes a strong and cohesive academy identity, supporting high standards in all areas of academy life.


Compulsory (To be purchased from Your School Uniform):

The items below must be purchased from our school uniform provider (Your School Uniform). https://www.yourschooluniform.com/schools/index/ark-soane-academy


· Blazer: Navy with embroidered school logo

· Tie: Ark Soane branded, worn at an appropriate length down to the navel. Logo to be completely visible when worn at the correct length

· School rucksack: Ark Soane branded navy rucksack

· PE Polo shirt: Ark Soane branded plain navy collared airtex shirt with 4 buttons

· PE bag: Navy PE bag with school logo


Compulsory (Can be purchased from an outlet of your choice):


· Trousers: Navy school trousers

· Skirt: Navy pleated skirt. Must be worn knee length, with black or navy tights as listed below

· Shirt: Plain white with collar. Long or short sleeved and tucked in at all times, with the top button done up

· Water bottle: Ark Soane branded only (Can also be bought from the school shop at £3 per bottle)

        · Jumper: Navy knitted V neck

· Plain black shoes: No trainers or boots. Leather or leather-look shoes only. Laces must be black

· Socks or tights: Black or navy only

· Navy or black coat: No branding or pictures. No hooded jackets or hoodies. The coat may have a protective hood; if not, you should also have:

       · PE Tracksuit: Navy top and navy jersey bottoms or navy tracksuit bottoms

· PE Fleece or tracksuit top: Plain navy fleece or tracksuit top. No hoodies. No logos

· PE Shorts: Navy PE shorts

· PE Navy football socks: Knee length

· PE Trainers: Must be appropriate for sports. No converse trainers. No black soles.




· Hair: Professional, smart haircuts and natural hair colours only. No extreme hairstyles i.e., no Mohicans, tramlines, shaven partings or eyebrow designs

· Belts, if worn: unbranded black leather/leather-look only

· Headscarves, if worn: navy blue or black only. No patterns. Pins must be navy blue or black

· Hair accessories: navy blue or black only. No bows or ornate clips

· Jewellery: no jewellery may be worn, with the exception of a simple (not “smart”) watch and a small silver or gold stud earing in each year.


Ark Soane's Uniform Policy

How to place an order for your child's uniform


Uniform supplier - Your School Uniform

Second Hand Uniform

Second hand uniform may be available through the Soane Parents’ Association. Please contact them at soanepta@gmail.com.