Aim High

Aim High

At Ark our values are hugely important to us.  Over the next four weeks I will be posting a blog on each of these values and what it means for Ark Soane.

The first is Aim High.

There is no doubt that it has been a challenging few months for everyone but, more than ever, I believe the whole of society has recognised the crucial role that schools play in the lives of our young people and their families, and in instilling the drive and ambition in our children to aim high and be the very best they can be.

The founding staff team at Ark Soane were bitterly disappointed when Covid-19 caused the opening of our school to be delayed to 2021.  However, I’m thrilled that this hugely talented team has stayed with us in the Ark network and are more excited than ever to see the opening of our new school in September 2021. 

Ark Soane is now very much on track for opening in 2021 which gives a whole new set of students the opportunity to be the leaders of the school. We will ensure that everything that the school does meets the Ark values, and none is more important than aiming high.

We will aim high in everything we do. This value will underpin our curriculum; we will aim for grade 9s; we will aim for A*. Work will be pitched to support and challenge every student so that they can reach their potential. We will make sure that every student has the best opportunity to be a success and to reach the University or career of their choice.

We are aiming for the curriculum at Ark Soane to be world leading. It will be developed from the fantastic work that happens in other Ark schools to really develop a strong knowledge base in all of the facilitating subjects. No stone will be left unturned as we seek to learn from, and build on the best work, that has been done in this area. We will have a real focus on English, maths, science, languages and humanities. There will also be an opportunity for developing a depth in our curriculum

I look forward to meeting you either virtually or in person at our upcoming open events.

Peter Haylock

Be Brave

Be Brave

Opening a new school involves being brave. Joining a new school will also need the students, and parents to be brave.

Children are growing up in a busy and hectic world that is very competitive, full of challenges and it is sometimes scary. Children do not always know if they are going in the right direction. However, being brave can help us all push away those negative thoughts, anxiety and worries. Sometimes, we only need to be brave for a few moments or even seconds.

One of our core aims is to help create the leaders of tomorrow. These leaders are brave. These leaders learn from their mistakes. These leaders come back stronger.

At Ark Soane, we will be brave and make sure that we are the best we can be. We will lead with humility and understanding of everyone’s point of view. The whole school will work together for the good of others.

I want our classrooms filled with students who are brave enough to take on new opportunities. They will make the right decisions and step up when they need to.

We all need a bit of bravery to help us through daily challenges.

Join our school and let us embark on this journey together.

Peter Haylock