How do I apply to Ark Soane for September 2022?                                                                            

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When is the school building due to be complete?

The first building is completed and we will move in this summer.  Work has started on our second, larger building which is due for completion in the summer of 2022.  Information about our school buildings can be found here.

What will happen if the main school building isn’t delivered for September 2022?

In the unlikely event that the main school building isn’t complete for September 2022, the DfE and Ark are obligated to provide high quality, temporary accommodation, in close proximity to Ark Soane.  If building delays are incurred, a more likely scenario is that the main school building will be handed over to Ark in phases which would enable us to accommodate two cohorts on the Ark Soane site in September 2022, with the remainder of the building being completed soon after.  We will work closely with the DfE and the building contractor to ensure that, at all times, the school has all of the facilities that are required deliver the full curriculum and extensive enrichment opportunities.  

Which facilities will available in September 2021?

The first building will contain everything that is required for our first Year 7 cohort and will include 11 classrooms, an art room, music practice rooms, a theatre (which will double as our PE studio, dining and assembly hall), library and science laboratory.  We will also have an external courtyard area to use during break and lunchtime, and we will also have access to a full size Astro Turf pitch at Gunnersbury Park Sports Hub every morning during term time for the 2021/22 academic year.

What will the facilities be when the school is complete?

Once completed, Ark Soane will provide students with state of the art science labs and DT workshops, extensive sports facilities including a 4 court sports hall, an activity studio, a fitness gym and MUGA, specialist art, drama and music facilities including a music composing suite and practice rooms, a large performance space including bleacher seating and AV system, a spacious dining hall with dedicated kitchen for preparing all meals and snacks.


Do you anticipate offering 6th form in due course?

Yes.  Soane will grow one year group at a time which will mean the sixth form opening in September 2025.

Are you prepared to take care of students with special needs such as autism or ADHD?

Yes.  All Ark schools are inclusive.  It is our mission to support all students to achieve their potential and reach university or a career of their choice. We will aim to give the best support possible to all students to meet their needs and ensure that they enjoy school.

Can you provide details of your pastoral care and what support the children can expect?

There will be a wide variety of pastoral support at Ark Soane.  Our tutor times will allow for the delivery of PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic education) and other pastoral activities twice a day, citizenship activities will be built into the school year and enrichment opportunities will be available at least once a week plus after school clubs.

Where bespoke individual support is required, this would be available through a variety of channels including individual support from the tutor, working with graduate teaching assistants, monitoring from the Head of Year, individual targeted support from the SENCO, and external counselling as required.

What languages will you be teaching?

In the first year we will be teaching Spanish and French.  We also anticipate offering additional languages as part of our enrichment offer.  

Do the children get homework (at the end of a longer school day)? 

Yes, but homework will be carefully organised and won’t necessarily be due in the following day.  Students and parents will know in advance what homework to expect. They are likely to get short targeted activities in the core subjects. 


How will you deal with the fact that Year 7 will be the only year group at the school? 

We believe that this is a great opportunity for the founding Year 7 cohort as they will be the leaders for their school from the beginning.  They will help to set the culture and the tone of the school and be role models for the cohorts that follow.

How will Ark Soane differ in its objectives to Ark Acton?

Ark Soane and Ark Acton will have much in common.  All Ark schools have a vision that is underpinned by six core ideas: excellent behaviour, a curriculum that enables student mastery of learning so all students can achieve exceptional results, high quality teaching, development of student character and forming strong habits, raising student aspirations so they seek to achieve to their fullest potential, and developing our teachers to become leaders in education.

Is the culture/teaching at Ark schools significantly different to other schools?  Do you find that children from none Ark primary schools struggle to fit in more?

There are common teaching techniques and routines that run through our primary and secondary schools but this doesn’t disadvantage students who are new to Ark.  We will also have a detailed transition process for all students joining Ark Soane and this will include meetings with every family before the school opens.   

Would you say that the first Year 7 cohort will enjoy extra attention through teaching, being the only generation at the school at that time?

Yes.  They will also benefit from being taught by the Heads of Department as these are the people that make up the founding teaching team at the school. 


What will the school day look like?  

Details about our school day can be found here.


Where can we buy the school uniform?

Details about our school uniform can be found here.  We will be writing to parents before Easter with details of our uniform provider and how to purchase the school uniform.